Confessions of an aesthete.


Bonjour, I’m Merelle and I don’t speak French…..yet.


Don’t be fooled by the pretty things I make, it’s a cover for encouraging women to live their best lives.

I create for aesthetes who love beauty in all its weird and wonderful forms.

I make things of loveliness for radiant, free spirits who love expressing their femininity,

values and style through the way they live and dress. 

Women who cry in movies when the girl gets the guy and the minor chord of a song triggers a

longing you can’t explain are my favourite kinds. I’ll come running with the tissues

(and chocolate, or whatever you fancy).  

Often found devouring books, aeons can pass without me needing much from the ‘outside world’

and life commonly involves me squirrelling away wisdom-rich quotes to use in life and in business.

I’m a reflective, optimistic dreamer who loves getting lost in music and I’m known to belt out a tone-perfect

operatic sing with a pretend microphone when I’m alone in the house. 

Chaos is my archenemy; coffee is my poison. Give me the serenity of order

infused with an aromatic caffeine pep any day. 

As a child, you’d find me colouring, crafting, building, singing and reading. Until age 11,

when I dreamed of becoming a paediatrician. But, in my final year of high school, a lack of discipline landed

me in a pharmacy course instead. I left university with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and soon to

be husband, thinking I had all the finery I needed to live the life of my dreams.

In my late 30s, I found myself in the confusing paradox of ‘having it all’ and yet feeling

empty, unfulfilled and purposeless.

So I followed my curiosity to a beading class. Glad I did, as it led to a renewed expression of creativity in my life.

And to the slow unfolding of French Attic.

My ‘former life’ isn’t lost on me, I now do work that involves cutting and pasting,

making things with my hands and using words to lift women up.

A return to childhood became my greatest wisdom. 

In reclaiming creative expression in my own life, I came to live my truth.

And now I want to bring women together to help them claim theirs.

French Attic is an extension of my happy place, a place I feel strong, creative and true, a place I want to

share with women like you. The Art of You Society is part of this place, a private, email-based

community outside of the French Attic store to help women live a regret-free life.

I discovered that living your truth is the path to profound happiness. 

I’d love to help you discover yours.